Friday, January 13, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party!!

Yup! Strawberry Shortcake! She's back and cute as ever. She was my favorite when I was a kid and they have revamped her look and has a new cartoon that the girls LOVE! Perfect for a Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday. The girls had a great time eating pizza, cake and snacks all day long. It was great to have friends and family there to help celebrate our little girls turning 3!!
Here was the invite

Here are some of the decorations for the party

Pin the berry on the vine

ready for cake!

Brookie helped out :)

Presents... Presents... Presents!

These are the cute horse's that my mom got the girls!

Barbie guitar!

Drying her hair!

Play wooden food! Thanks Uncle Mitch. They are a hit!

3 already!

  I am filled with such emotion today. My babies are 3! I am overwhelmed with love for them. They complete my family in every way. They make me smile, laugh and lately cry because I love them so much and just can't get enough of them!
  They are learning so much now. The are pretty much potty trained. Sophie took to it much faster than Emma. Emma just likes to get a potty treat so now she is doing pretty well. They know how to play on the computer by themselves. They love to dance! ( I am so excited to see if they will want to do dance!!) They play so well with Ethan. I have loved watching them play together lately. Such good friends. They still fight with each other but you can tell they love each other so much!
   Some of my favorite things about Emma include tucking her in at night. She always wants me to do "burrito baby". When we do kisses I always say "Lets do hugs....but not TOO big", then she hugs me so tight. We do that with kisses too. She LOVES cars and trucks. She has been playing with them constantly lately. One of my favorite things to say to her lately is "No way Jose" then she says " OH YES Jose" It is soooo cute! She also sometimes comes up to me with her hair all staticy and says "My hair CRAZY" With her hands on her head in despair. It is so cute!
  Sophie is my little princess. She loves to have her hair braided and sparkles on her toes. They got a little vanity for their birthday with a fake hair drier and she loves to pretend to dry her hair. She has gotten into my mascara more than once and come to me with black all over her eyes. She is so independent and such a fast learner. When I am acting funny she always says "Silly MOMMY"! So cute! She also says "Oh my GOODNESS! Don't make a mess Emma."

  I am truly lucky to have these little blessings in my life!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years EVE and day

New years was so fun this year. We celebrated the New Year with Mikes parents, Josh and Adrienne and their kids, and Ashley and Mitch, Neil and his friend and Todd. Then after midnight we put the kids to bed and headed to Peter and Julies house for a party.
Group Kid pic! So cute!

Then for New Years Day we always go over to Grandma Yoshis house for yummy New years FOOD!! Lots of Japanese stuff I dont eat but I do eat the lucky black beans....EVERY year. Gotta have good luck!
The gang
Ethan testing out the gyro bowl. He was so funny!


Christmas night

After all the chaos of the morning we get to end Christmas day at my Grandma Yoshis house for dinner. She makes dinner and we get to open even more presents. Grandma got us all jazz jackets this year and the people at Fanzz gave her tickets for everyone to go to the game. The people at fanzz know her because she comes in every year. 

 Here are some pics from the Jazz game that she got tickets to.
My Grandma and Thurl. She know him from when she worked at Pagoda and the Jazz players would all come eat there after games.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is also very busy...We wake up head over to my moms house and have some of my dads yummy pancakes for breakfast and open presents there. The kids got some pretty fun stuff. The girls got a tiny tramp that plays music and Ethan got a huge basketball hoop. SO fun. Oh and they also got these little guns that were probably the cheapest gifts but the kids were obsessed with them!
this is what I get when I say "SMILE" now a days. LOL

New pillows

The guns...

at one point we couldnt find Emma...she went into my moms bed to lay down. Guess she was tired. LOL

Bop it XT. Ethan wanted it so bad.    
Then we came home to open our presents from Santa and Mikes parents bring their presents over too. And after we got have a beautiful meal at Mikes parents house.

Santa brought Ethan Spy net! He was so happy!

Bee Movie!! LOVE

This is the girls taking a nap after lunch at Mike's parents house. Tuckered out!

Happy Halloween

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